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Controller - Toronto, ON (EMN-2037)

Everest Management Network Inc
  • Company Name: Everest Management Network Inc
  • Company Description:
  • Industry:
  • Function: Accounting Management
  • Degrees: university grad
  • Years of experience:
  • Type of Position: FULLTIME
  • City: Toronto
  • Province: ON
  • Salary: $

This role supports the controller of an integrated real estate development and management group that is active in the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. The incumbent will be responsible for variety of review and analysis functions related to accounting and lease administration, including:  
• Reviewing/analyzing general ledger a/c balances for reasonability  
• Reviewing/preparing bank reconciliations (including brokerage statements)  
• Assessing/solving A/R, A/P control account anomalies  
• Analyzing intercompany account transactions  
• Reviewing and approving A/P for g/l coding and procedural compliance  
• Reviewing/preparing GST reconciliations and returns  
• Reviewing corporate income tax installment reconciliations  
• Reviewing/approving the monthly utility consumption analysis  
• Reviewing/preparing balance sheet Analysis and g/l account Analysis  
• Reviewing/preparing annual year end working paper files and responding to audit queries  
• Reviewing the balancing and monitoring of the payroll clearing accounts  
• Preparing journal entries & Reviewing model payroll entries  
• Providing accounting support to the site offices as required  
• Preparation of annual expense budgets and generating reforecasted information as required  
• Preparing tenant recovery calculations and subsequent billings  
• Reviewing Tenant Operating Expense & property tax statements  
• Preparing/Reviewing annual revenue budgets and reforecasts of rental income  
• Preparing Tax Assessment submissions & assisting with Managerial review  
• Approving monthly percent rent calculations  
• Reviewing/analyzing the Tenant Year End Certified Sales Reconciliation & the final percentage rent billing  
• Preparing the Tenant Affordability analysis  
• Reviewing/approving the set up of all preliminary Leasing data (T1) on the JDE system  
• Reading/reviewing Lease documentation to ensure that all preliminary Leasing data is properly reflecting the terms and identify non-standard clauses to ensure that all related implications have been addressed  
• Analyzing Lease documentation to answer ad-hoc leasing queries.  
Management and Leadership:  
• Aligns oneself with Management of the Organization  
• Manage and lead a team of accountants and support staff to optimize productivity and meet deadlines  
• Understands work processes and implements and trains" best" practices  
• Ability to administer and prioritize multiple projects  
• Ability to design, maintain and document work flow  
Interpersonal Skills  
• Assertive and excellent communication skills  
• Self-directed with strong analytical skills  
• Excellent team player  
• Assumes responsibility, as a student, for their learning (i.e. obtaining proficiency in areas not fully understood)  
• Preparing concise e-mail communications and external correspondence  
Computer/Technical Skills  
• Proficient using JD Edwards One World  
• Strong understanding of Computerized Accounting systems and their components  
• Proficient using MS Excel and Word  
• Ability to learn new software quickly  
Corporate Financial Accountant Experience:  
• Able to review the work processes of all staff, including property accountants (see below)  
• Able to review the content and processes supporting revenue accounting/lease administration (see below)  
• Able to read and prepare financial statements  
• Strong theoretical understanding of financial statements  
• Able to prepare organized, meaningful and useful schedules that effectively lay out analysis