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Don’t rush a job change

Reuters - Nov. 23, 2011

By: Reuters

Hunting for a new job should be strategic and thoughtful, not merely a knee-jerk reaction to your terrible boss, evil co-workers and other factors, says Harvard Business Review.

Bad boss, dysfunctional co-workers, slowing business: Multiple things can make you run screaming from a job. But those circumstances often apply artificial urgency to a job hunt.

Panic may make cause you to skimp on researching potential employers or fail to look inside your organization for more promising opportunities.

Slow down. Consider how your feelings would change if your incompetent boss left or if the company secured an exciting new client. Ask people you trust for their advice, explaining that you’re worried about making a rash decision.

When searching, don’t look for “any place better than here.” Instead, wait for the right offer.

This management tip was adapted from the book “Guide to Getting a Job.