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Self-management: Your not-to-do list

Special to Globe and Mail - September 5, 2011

By: Harvey Schachter

You probably have heard by now about the notion of creating a Not-To-Do list, helping you to steer clear of wasteful activities. But you may not have created one, either because of lack of motivation or uncertainty of how to go about it.

Michael Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, says such a list is particularly important when you take on a new position because you will be under great pressure to perform and will instinctively aim to continue many of the tasks you did previously. On his blog, he sets out the following steps to create your Not-To-Do List:

1. Look at your previous month's calendar activities. Write down anything you're not sure really fits your current job description.

2. Look at your appointments for next month. Again, note those things that are questionable given your job description.

3. Go through your to-do list and write down questionable activities.

4. Go through the just-created list of questionable activities and put an asterisk beside each item that is significant enough that you want to add it to your official Not-To-Do List.

5. Discuss this list with your assistant, if you have one, and colleagues, and enlist their help in avoiding these activities.

6. Discuss the list with your boss. "You need her buy-in so she doesn't keep assigning you work that both of you have decided you should no longer be doing," Mr. Hyatt advises.