However if a large amount of bone work and fracturing may be involved, you may be more comfortable with a deeper level of sedation or with the general anesthesia Rhinoplasty under local anesthesia Rhinoplasty is a popular and effective surgery to recontour the shape of your nose Allergy rhinoplasty This is because surgery doesn't influence the allergic response, so you will continue to need to use medical therapy as before Rhinoplasty at 50 There is no doubt that the appropriate rhinoplasty for your individual nose will improve its appearance


Inexperience alone shouldn’t bar access to c-suite

Financial Times - Jan 10, 2012

By: Andrew Hill

When Kazuo Inamori was appointed to lead the restructuring of Japan Airlines two years ago, analysts worried about his lack of experience in aviation. Never mind that he was about to turn 78, had founded two of Japan’s best-known companies – Kyocera, in electronics components, and KDDI, in telecoms – and was, for good measure, an ordained Buddhist priest. Studying Buddhist teachings, he told the Wall Street Journal four months into his new role, “improves the quality of my heart and mind and enriches myself as a human being. This enhanced spirit ...

Imposter syndrome: the flip side of success for women

Globe and Mail - Sep. 23, 2011

By: May Jeong

  Sherry Cooper earned top marks in school, wrote three successful books and became vice-president and chief economist of the Bank of Montreal. But despite her many accomplishments – including a PhD in economics and a clutch of awards and board memberships – she feels like a fraud. She is among the ranks of many women who, despite climbing to the top of their fields, believe they do not deserve the success they've achieved. “I was afraid to write a book. I was afraid to become an economist. I was afraid to run my first marathon,” Dr. ...

How can I manage people better?

Special to Globe and Mail Update - 8.31.2011

By: Eileen Chadnick

    I find that managing people is a real challenge: People don't always behave rationally, and I have so much on my plate that it is hard to stop and understand why. I also have little interest in office politics. Am I doomed as a manager? Some advice on developing better people skills, please.   The fact that you are inquiring about how to develop better people skills tells me you are open to learning, and that’s a quality that says you are ready to become a better leader and far from doomed. As a manager ...

How can I work 'smarter' rather than 'harder'?

Special to Globe and Mail Update - 8.31.2011

By: Bruce Sandy

I am so bogged down in the minutiae of day-to-day work that I find it hard to focus on the larger, strategic picture. Delegating is not really an option because everyone on my team is overworked. How do I figure out what to drop so that I don't lose sight of the forest for the trees? Rest assured you are not alone with this problem. Many people get so wrapped up in their work and lives that they forget to take a breather to figure out what is important for the business and ...

The Best Boss I Ever Had

Globe and Mail - 8. 2. 2011

By: Shelly White

From The Office to The Devil Wears Prada to Horrible Bosses, pop culture has presented us with a vast array of awful employers who torment and frustrate their hapless underlings. Most of us could likely rhyme off the traits of a bad boss pretty easily, but what’s more valuable is knowing the traits of really exceptional employers who can motivate their charges to greatness and create an energetic and positive atmosphere. Report on Small Business went looking for stories about the actions of truly great bosses. Here are some of the highlights: Steve Wright, co-founder, Brand Arcade, Montreal “I had a boss ...